The Day I Came Back

It was a moment where I was completely at peace. Floating above myself, just observing my body lying on a theater table with tubes attached to me everywhere, doctors and nurses surrounding my tiny frame. It was in this moment that I had 2 choices; to return to this fragile body, or to leave the pain and trauma of my life and move to wherever it was that gave me this sense of utter peace.

I thought about a hundred reasons why the route of utmost peace was the better option, but there was one reason to return. That was the picture in my mind of my 2 beautiful daughters. What kind of mother would I be knowing that I had a choice to return to them, but chose not to? Oh no! Not me.

I came back that day, in that moment, knowing the fight I still had to endure. Knowing the pain and trauma I would still have to face. Because my daughters deserve a mother who will fight for her life to make sure she is a part of theirs in any way possible.

I’m writing this blog because my life has not been an easy one, and I would like to get my story out to anyone and everyone who is struggling in life. This blog is about falling in love, falling out of love. Getting cancer, beating cancer. Being a mother, a wife, a daughter. Being stuck in a narcisisstic and abusive relationship, and coming out of one.

I’m just an angel, who has had to face many demons. This is my survival guide.

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